An Update About Our New Venture

Dear Friends,

It has been about a month since we moved into our new space in Shockoe Slip. The transition has been relatively smooth and very successful. On behalf of our firm, I would like to thank our clients, friends and families for their tremendous support over the past 4 weeks.

We have a new website,, which also allows you to access your various accounts through the “client login” button. Once you have logged into your portfolio through Investor360, you will notice a major enhancement, which includes asset allocation graphs and a cleaner feel. If you have any questions on the new format, anyone in our office can assist you. We will have regular market commentary on the site, written by our team, as well as white papers and quarterly letters.

We have been working with Gordon Hammond for the past 18 months and will continue to enhance our relationship with him. In fact, we are developing our own proprietary system, Selective Indexing SM, which will provide us with superior market analytics and insight. Gordon is one of the most experienced investors we have ever encountered and it is an honor to work with him. You can learn more about Gordon at his new website,

As a convenience to our clients, we will be offering wireless internet services in the office as well as computer usage. If you are downtown, please feel free to stop by at any time and use these resources. Parking is available on the street, however, if there is not an open spot, you can park in the lot across from Siné Irish Pub and we will validate the parking.

Rebecca Ott will be interning with us over the summer. Rebecca grew up in Richmond and graduated with honors from the University of Virginia. She will be helping us with various projects that are designed to make our business more efficient and transparent.

As a reminder, please include “1st Floor” on any mailing sent to the office, as it appears our mail carriers are a bit challenged. Also, any checks should continue to be made payable to “NFS” (National Financial Services).

We plan to host an open house in the coming weeks and will send an invitation when we have finalized the date. Again, thank you for your support and trust. We look forward to seeing you soon.


E. Neil Gilliss


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