What We Do

At Canal Capital Management, we believe today’s investors have an unprecedented opportunity to manage their investments more efficiently. We focus on allocation, risk, and seeking to minimize the cost of investing for our clients.

The Future of Investing

We are not your grandfather’s firm. We don’t boast about being in business for a century or being the first shop in town. We also won’t push products or settle for “time-tested” strategies. Rather than rehashing the past, we want to show and bring investors the future. 

The Future of Investing Solutions for Today

The financial world has changed — and continues evolving — and our clients deserve more than outdated, biased guidance. Our systems and planning help clients prepare for the future while helping to relieve worries about what the markets or economy are doing today.

The Future of Investing Confidence in Tomorrow

We think the traditional investment management firm model is broken. From our experience, the product-pushing, buy-and-hold approach that worked a generation ago is simply no longer relevant in today’s global, volatile, interconnected marketplace. Rather than relying on conventional wisdom, we work to show our clients how novel, unexpected perspectives have the potential to yield meaningful results and build their confidence in tomorrow.