Our primary responsibility is to you, our Client. We are not part of a larger firm and our business model doesn’t rely on “selling products,” it’s based on providing sound advice and a high level of client service. Simply put, when you succeed, we succeed.


Situation: A serial Entrepreneur’s life was incredibly complex and his current team of advisors was spread out across different firms and cities, adding to the complexity. Therefore, he was looking for a firm that could organize and simplify his life by serving as a single point of contact for all of his financial affairs.

Process: Canal Capital’s planning process uncovered that while the Entrepreneur was very diligent and organized when investing in other people’s companies, he failed to take that same approach for his own family’s finances.

The simple process of organizing and aggregating his affairs afforded him a better understanding of his financial situation. It also allowed us to better present him with potential planning opportunities. Additionally, it freed him up so that he could focus the bulk of his time on what he enjoys and does best – investing in businesses.

Because of our business consulting and accounting backgrounds, we are also able to offer our support to his due diligence efforts. Additionally, our investment team is able to expand his opportunity set with additional deal flow.


Canal Capital Management

Organized his family’s affairs so that everything was run in coordination and provided monthly income statements and balance sheets. The entrepreneur is better able to understand his finances now that they are run like a business.

Canal Capital Management

Negotiated a favorable interest rate with our custodian to allow for short term financing against public securities, allowing the entrepreneur to act quickly should an investment opportunity arise.

Canal Capital Management

Passed along investment opportunities presented to the firm as well as sought out specific opportunities based upon the entrepreneur’s criteria.

Canal Capital Management

Full due diligence support on investment opportunities on the front end saves the entrepreneur fees and time.